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Industria Sokhna

Investment heaven for manufacturing and trading.

The project is part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which is set to transform the entire Sokhna port area into a true world-class trade hub.

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Strategic destination for investment and manufacturing.

Strategically located in Al Ain Al Sokhna, Industria Sokhna 1.7 million square meters of land creates a new investment heaven for manufacturing and trading. The project is part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which is set to transform the entire Sokhna port area into a true world-class trade hub.

Industria Sokhna is located in the Egyptian Chinese Investment Company master development, which master-planned circa 6 million SqM South West Suez Bay. Our project is the only project in this master development that offers 100% free-hold, giving investors an ownership and title deed for the purchased plot verses most of the neighboring projects which only offer lease hold. The project is ready with infrastructure and necessary work, which makes it a ready to start manufacturing site as we speak.

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Our deep understanding of your industry, combined with our unwavering commitment to excellence, allows us to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success.

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Our industrial city in Ain Sokhna offers a strategic advantage for food processing businesses. Situated in a prime location with access to major transportation networks, we facilitate seamless supply chain operations and expedited distribution to local and international markets.

Strategically located near major transportation arteries, our industrial city in Ain Sokhna provides a logistical advantage for companies seeking to optimize their distribution networks. With access to ports, highways, and rail connections, we ensure swift and cost-effective movement of goods, both domestically and internationally.

Our engineering facilities are equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced machinery, empowering businesses to undertake complex projects and deliver exceptional results. From precision machining and metal fabrication to electrical and mechanical engineering, our facilities are tailored to meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements.

We foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and knowledge sharing. By joining our chemical community, you gain access to a network of industry experts and professionals, opening doors to partnerships, joint ventures, and research collaborations. This synergy fuels innovation, leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions and the advancement of the chemical industry.

Our dynamic ecosystem nurtures knowledge exchange, research and development, and the implementation of best practices, propelling heavy industries forward in an era of unprecedented advancement.


The location of Egypt and the Suez Canal puts INDUSTRIA Sokhna in a uniquely strong position to facilitate trade and enhance Egypt’s growing trade economy. INDUSTRIA Sokhna enjoys close links with Egypt’s internal trade, the wider continent of Africa, the entire Middle East and Asia, and the rest of the world. It is a pivotal gateway for the major trade routes. Beyond the convenient geography of the site, as part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone the project also provides benefit to investors and manufacturers and a range of lucrative trade incentives such as exemption from customs duties and tax, fast-track visa and licensing processing, and many more.

1.7 M
Total Area in Sqm
100 %
Foreign Ownership of Companies
Staring Plot Areas in Sqm
  • 100% foreign ownership of companies.
  • 100% foreign control of import/ export activities.
  • Imports are exempt from customs duties and sales tax.
  • Fast-track visa services.
  • Customs duties on exports to Egypt are imposed on imported components only not the final product.

Technical Support

We leverage our technical expertise to provide customers with a wide range of technical support services including IT, telecom, and utilities support, among others.

Admin and Legal Support

Full suite of administrative and legal support services to make it as simple as possible for you to outsource all paperwork, contracting, and specialized organizational work covering all your business needs.

Logistics Services

Our 3PL logistics services, provided through our trusted third party contractors, include warehousing, custom clearance as well as consultation and construction of warehouses.

Admin Buildings & Offices

Dedicated administrative buildings for any office-based purposes, contributing to the full support ecosystem that makes our developments the ideal place to nurture and grow any business.

IoT & Smart Industrial Parks

We are investing in the latest smart infrastructure in many of our sites including smart warehousing and Internet of Things (IoT) connected technology.

Facility Management & Operation

Our facility management & operations support ensures seamless functionality, optimal efficiency, and a thriving space for your business to thrive.

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